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The story is based on the premises of Bengal and around the naxalite den of purilia, it’s a love drama and a story of a sacrifice of a protagonist who is an orphan boy picked up by a guruji from the juvenile correctional centre. The antagonist Gambhira is a selfish dubious opportunist and fundamentalist naxalite who outwits all with his deceptive moves and he turns catalyst in the life of the guruji resulting in a fatal end. The story has multiple layer and sub plot.


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Cast and crew


Kiran being a classical dancer herself was very attached to this script, she lived the film and related with every characters very personally. After few many months of working endlessly on screenplay, the biggest task was selecting the CAST of the film.


During one of director trip to the south on recce she met this talented actor model and cricketer Captain of ccl Kochi team. Rajeev Pillai, extra ordinary combination of talent complimenting with a 6-pack body immediately impressed the director. he is a power house of talent and he fit the character of ‘Dev’ perfectly, the moment she met him she knew that this boy had something in him, he was called for an audition to Mumbai, he gave a lovely performance in the audition and was signed as the lead, this would be his debut in the Bollywood industry. His performance in the film has been outstanding. Ismail Darbars comment on Rajeev Pillai when he first met him ‘yeh ladke mein namak hai’ re-assured the director of choosing Rajeev Pillai.


The character of Sanjukta was very demanding, it needed someone really innocent and vulnerable, the audition took place in Bombay, innumerable fresh faces auditioned for this role, but nothing could satisfy the director. Kiran was very disappointed with the way things were going, but then one night as she was watching ‘murder 2’ at home she saw a character being played by Sulagna Panigrahi, it caught her attention then and in the middle of the night she called up her casting director to get a meeting with Sulagna, they met the next day and Kiran knew she has found her ‘SANJUKTA’


Guruji was the most important casting for the film, veteran actor Girish karnad was offered this film and he agreed to play the part of guruji after finding story really hard hitting and very personal as he had acted dance guru 20 years back in south film. He found tremendous potential and conviction in the director and production house. What followed after that was just magic as the 3 main actors with the director struck a brilliant chemistry and went on to making a brilliant film.


The film is supported by brilliant music from Ismail Darbar, sung by Sukhwinder Singh and lyrics by Nida Fazli.
Som a talent from Bengal film industry has provided us with a brilliant love song titled ‘Zara Zara’ and is sung by Shaan.
The film has been shot in Bengal, Sikkim and Mumbai.
Rajeev Pillai
, Girish karnad, 
Sulagna Panigrahi
, Rajesh Shringapore, 
Roopa Ganguly.


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Kiran Phadnis – Managing Director

A professional interior designer, Kiran has gathered accolades for her work and has been able to create a niche for herself and her company. Having designed and executed Spaces for Multinationals, Corporates and Public Spaces, her company Kreation is today one of the top Interior firms in India. She had been a Jury for All India Interior and Architect competition, Students category for 4 consecutive years.

Winner of Society Interiors Award for designing Public Spaces felicitated by Society Interiors.

An extremely passionate animal lover, Sports & Arts enthusiast and a psychologist, Kiran was comfortably able to establish Moonwalk Productions and make a foray into Film Production with much ease. Moonwalk today has a line up of meaningful films and its maiden production “Ek Adbhut Dakshina – Gurudakshina” is under Post Production.


A passion for Filmmaking and conviction of telling stories made him undergo a formal training of Filmmaking. Having worked for Dharma Productions and an International Film gave him an insight and inspiration to set the ball rolling to set up Moonwalk Production.

Abhijit Adhya – Creative Head

Abhijit has over 16 years of experience in Corporate Marketing & Branding, Investment Banking, Big Data Analytics, Events and Media across Business development, Global Client Servicing, Transitions, financial aspects & Creatives of these sectors.

His work association portfolio includes Brands like Philips, GE, Serco and JP Morgan in India and USA.

Eshaan phadnis

A very young dynamic golfer and a realistic film maker all set to execute his very passionate scripts into action. His vision to execute his innumerable self written stories into short films and exhibit in the international circuit to let his vision be known at global level is his Goal and aim..